Top back to school items

Nothing is as refreshing as going back to school, especially for the students. One other advantage that comes with school opening season is the back to school shopping, at least for the school kids.

Back to school is a big season all around the world, marked by busy parents flocking shopping centers to get their kids all the needed supplies. Given the nature of back to school season, it becomes very easy to forget some items, which is not a good experience for the kids. In the spirit of making the next season awesome for your kids, we compiled a list of items that you should include on their shopping list.

Must have back to school items


The first thing that you have to check is if all your kids have a backpack that is still intact. Time flies, and it might be a while since you bought them new backpacks. The reason why you should replace bags is that of their padding. After a while, the padding wears off, and it becomes a health hazard, this is why you should ensure to get them new ones if needed.

Exercise books

Exercise books and notebooks are a vital part of everyday school life. Make sure that you get all the necessary exercise books, both squared and horizontal rule, drawing books, and some small notebooks for quick notes.

eBook reader

Technology brought us electronic books, and as a result, every kid can now get books at a very affordable price. It is for this reason that you should get all your kids an eBook reader. It could be a full tablet or just an eBook reader. They go for as low as $45 these days.

Writing supplies

Make sure that you have a school term’s worth of writing supplies. These include crayons, ball pens, and pencils. Make sure that you stock enough to last the whole school term. This will save you numerous trips to the shop whenever you need new ones.

Geometrical set

If your kid is old enough, and in a grade where they handle geometry in math, then get them a regular geometrical set, preferably one with instruments that have short needle points. This will come in handy when making geometrical drawings and safety.

Water bottle

It is important to make sure that lknasdlkvnadklsnvlkasndlkvnaslkndvasdvasyour kids get access to clean drinking water. Most schools try their best to provide clean drinking water, but to be on the safe side, it is better for them to carry their water from home. Getting a sturdy water bottle is a must.…